three kings imperial ipa


"Starstruck" must be the word. In this muscular and fruity IPA, the American hop stars Simcoe and Amarillo frolic. Top-fermented.



A pale Sasion IPA with slightly hazy beer with a thick white foam. Lemon, citrus fruit, clove and hops are present in both aroma and taste. Dry, bitter and slightly acidic, lingering aftertaste. Bière de Saison and IPA make a perfect match here.

easter lager


Our Påskebryg brew is a deep golden lager with creamy white foam and a gentle hop bitterness. The aroma is characterized by hops, herbs and ripe fruit. Notes of malt, fruit, a hint of caramel and discreet residual sweetness characterize the taste. Pleasant shades of hops and pine linger in the aftertaste and complete a well-balanced beer. Bottom-fermented.

yellow easter


A Southern German inspired Strong Lager. Golden color with a clear appearance and a white, lacing head. The spicy and herbal aroma of hops are balanced by some residual sweetness and accompanied by grainy notes. Smooth after the winter dwell.

mørk guld jul


Our Mørk Guld is getting into the Christmas spirit. We spruced up our golden oldie with a fresh shot of citrus, so that neither the duck nor the pork roast is offended – on the contrary. Bottom-fermented.

red christmas lager


A deep red colored Strong Lager with a clear appearance and a beige, lacing head. A little rest sweetness enhances the effect of the “Hallertauer Mittelfrüher” aroma hops that leaves a slight pricking on the tongue.

christmas dark lager


A mahogany-colored Dark Lager with a clear appearance and a lacing head. Malt aroma and some caramel sweetness balanced by a great amount of hops.

gluten-free christmas

Organic | Gluten-free

Gluten-free Christmas – yes, please! A dark ale with the right attitude for getting in the Christmas spirit. The roasted and caramelized malt lays the foundation for a slightly spicy and citrussy hop profile.

don’t worry christmas

Non-alcoholic | Organic

Non-alcoholic Christmas Brew. Yes please. A dark brown Ale with a rich body and a thick head. The aroma is characterized by dark chocolate, pine needles and citrus. A solid base of roasted and caramelized malts carries a profound bitterness from the hop varieties Chinook and Hallertauer. The aftertaste is sweetish and hoppy.



When the old 200 ton freighter sails into port and strikes the sails, it always has something good in the hold: this time it´s beer. A light and supple Belgian ale, its edges polished by the waves like a pebble by the beach. The taste swings between citrus fruits, cloves and candy. Cast off the front and aft, the midship has sailed! Top-fermented.

Svaneke Ale Blond

100% organic beer