blue note new england ipa


The gloomy jazz clubs of New York are home to the flippant blue notes and the rude off beats. Always up to something. Our version of a New England IPA is brewed in total harmony with a good bass of barley and rye malt and descant of American Citra hops. The Bavarian hops Mandarina however marks the blue note, so a hint of “Gemütlichkeit” is added to this hazy, hip and citrussy beer style.

mango galore infused pale ale


”Underneath the Mango Tree my honey…” Mr. Bond knew what worked – and props for that! We’ve hospitalized our Pale Ale with a mango drop and created a true fruit monster, who juggles both mango, banana and tangerine. A true savior for tropical nights and heat waves.

laid back session ipa


A group of friends that skateboard together at a certain spot are having a "session". These sessions can get wild and neck-breaking or "laid back". Both are good, but there is something magical about one of those laid back sessions on a Bornholmian summer evening. The same is true for beer. Our Session IPA is on the calm side with a smooth body of pale malt and a good flow of American hop varieties Citra, Jarrylo and Chinook. Grapefruit, lime, and pine needles are lingering scents, and the aftertaste is dry. In skateboarding and for our beers the same rings true: Balance.

american hoppy ale

Organic | Gluten-free

A Pale Ale with a generous amount of hops. Dry and refreshing with notes of peach, orange, maracuja and a fresh lasting bitterness. American Hoppy Ale contains less than 20 parts per million gluten (20ppm). Top-fermented.

going to india ipa


A pale and fruity IPA. Going to India holds direct course towards the subcontinent and is based on its English ancestors. Pale and fruity with a smooth bitterness and a citric aroma.

india pale ale


An orange-red and thickish Ale with a frothy white head. A striking fruity and citrusy aroma with notes of nettles is accompanied by a profound bitterness with a resiny finish.



A bright yellow Wheat Ale with a hazy appearance and a lasting and frothy white foam. Aroma of gooseberry, kiwi, and citrus. The taste is fresh and slightly citric accompanied by a rather solid sweetness. Fermented with champagne yeast.

hazy pale ale


Lots of late hops produce a fruity beer without much bitterness. Notes of grapefruit, mandarin and pine needles come from Mosaic, Callista, Chinook and Simcoe hops. Top-fermented.

brown ale


A copper-red colored Brown Ale with a clear appearance and a small beige head. The body is rather slim and crisp. Aroma and taste of nuts, toasty malt and passion fruit.

Organic draft beer from Svaneke Bryghus

100% organic beer

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