Svaneke Bryghus is a 100% organic brewery. As one of the first microbreweries to open in Denmark, Svaneke Bryghus on Bornholm is today widely known for its authentic taste, sustainable production methods and wide range of craft beers.

we don't rush our beer

On Bornholm we take our time. Svaneke's brewmaster finds his inspiration from the surroundings of Bornholm and is constantly crafting something new. Svaneke beer is always unfiltered and brewed with the philosophy that one can create exquisite flavor profiles with just a few carefully selected components – and time plays a crucial role in this process. We don't rush our beer; instead, we let time work its magic. The brewmaster carefully monitors the beer, aiming for a perfect flavor balance, and nothing leaves the brewery without his approval. In general our beer matures for 5-8 weeks. We call it "slow beer."

The brewery's roof is covered with solar panels

a sustainable brewery

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