Svaneke Bryghus is a 100% organic brewery. As one of the first microbreweries to open in Denmark, Svaneke Bryghus on Bornholm is today widely known for its authentic taste, sustainable production methods and wide range of craft beers.

brewmaster jan paul

Brewmaster Jan Paul is one of Denmark's most talented and influential brewers, with extensive experience in his baggage. He is a long-term teacher at the Scandinavian School of Brewing, and he has travelled the world as a lecturer, speaker and consultant. Jan Paul is trained as a brewery engineer from Weihenstephan and he gathered practical skills in several breweries. Jan Paul has been brewing for Svaneke Bryghus since 2005 and he is a major part of the brewery's DNA. His passion for brewing derives from the “oxymoron of beer”: With very few ingredients you can create a huge variety of taste. This fascination keeps the fire burning.

The brewery's roof is covered with solar panels

a sustainable brewery

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