don’t worry hemp ale

Non-alcoholic | Organic

Don’t Worry Hemp Ale is made with generous amounts of Ariana hops and Bornholmian hemp. Spicy, mild and friendly. Quenching, playful and with a unique personality.

don’t worry pale ale

Non-alcoholic | Organic

Non-alcoholic Pale Ale. Yes please. A pale yellow and hazy Ale with a lacing white head. Citrus and resin dwell both in aroma and taste, well supported by a rich body of malt. The somewhat bitter aftertaste is balanced by a pleasant sweetness.

don’t worry classic

Non-alcoholic | Organic

Our non-alcoholic Vienna Lager comes with the familiar sweetness from caramel malt. Hints of fruit and citrus elegantly intertwine with the dark malt. Bottom-fermented. 

don’t worry brown ale

Non-alcoholic | Organic

A Non-alcoholic Brown Ale. Yes Please. A dark and rich Ale in total sobriety. Callista and Ariana hops rest upon a base of mainly Munich malt, leading to a juicy and fruity overall impression.

don’t worry julebryg

Non-alcoholic | Organic

Non-alcoholic Christmas Brew. Yes please. A dark brown Ale with a rich body and a thick head. The aroma is characterized by dark chocolate, pine needles and citrus. A solid base of roasted and caramelized malts carries a profound bitterness from the hop varieties Chinook and Hallertauer. The aftertaste is sweetish and hoppy.

Svaneke Ale Blond

100% organic beer