Pale Ale

Organic and Alcohol-free

Alcohol-free Pale Ale. Yes please. 

A pale yellow and hazy Ale with a lacing white head. Citrus and resin dwell both in aroma and taste, well supported by a rich body of malt. The somewhat bitter aftertaste is balanced by a pleasant sweetness. 

Top fermented. <0.5% vol.

Brown Ale

Organic and Alcohol-free 

Alcohol-free Brown Ale. Yes Please.

A dark and rich Ale in total sobriety. Callista and Ariana hops rest upon a base of mainly Munich malt, leading to a juicy and fruity overall impression. 

Top fermented. <0.5% vol.

Hemp Ale

Organic and Alcohol-free

Don’t Worry Hemp Ale is made with generous amounts of Ariana hops and Bornholmian hemp. Spicy, mild and friendly. Quenching, playful and with a unique personality.

Top fermented. <0.5% vol. 

21 IBU

Ingredients: Bornholmian water, *BARLEY MALT, *hops, *hemp and yeast. *= organic.

Cristmas Brew

Organic and Alcohol-free

Alcohol-free Christmas Brew. Yes please.

A dark brown Ale with a rich body and a thick head. The aroma is characterized by dark chocolate, pine needles and citrus. A solid base of roasted and caramelized malts carries a profound bitterness from the hop varieties Chinook and Hallertauer. The aftertaste is sweetish and hoppy. Top fermented <0.5% vol.

Don't Worry

Organic and Alcohol-free  

Alcohol or no alcohol – we all want a great tasting beer

That’s why our alcohol-free beer is brewed differently than most other alcohol-free beers in the market. Our alcohol-free beers are brewed without alcohol right from the beginning. A slightly complicated process, which our brewmaster however manage very well – we would say!

How to brew alcohol-free beers 

Alcohol-free beers can be brewed in different ways: 

  • By removing the alcohol from the beer after the brewing process using evaporation or dialysis 
  • By stopping the fermentation by removing the yeast
  • By using a certain yeast or bacteria strain that only produce a very little or no alcohol

Our brewmaster is of the genuine opinion that when you remove something from a beer, you disturb the unity. Our Don’t Worry-series is brewed with the classic ingredients: malt, hops and water. Fermentation is carried out by a highly specific yeast strain, which only metabolizes certain sugars. This keeps the alcohol content under 0.5% vol. The remaining sugar takes over the role of the missing alcohol to intensify the taste. Hops is finally added to balance the residual sweetness. 

With only 25 kcal/100 grams, our alcohol-free beers contain less calories than juice, milk, regular beer and non-diet soft drinks.

Don’t Worry are perfectly harmless – brewed from scratch for your enjoyment. 

In Denmark (EU) the alcohol free legal definition is volume to 0.5%