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Aloha Lager

Organic and gluten-free beer

A juicy and gluten-free Lager <20 ppm

Swaying palm trees are found elsewhere, but our little town at the edge of the world is still somewhat exotic with its rocky coast, its colorful houses and warmhearted people. This juicy Lager mirrors the spirit of Svaneke and is both organic and gluten free. Citrussy and herbal hop varieties align with a profound profile of pale Danish malt. There’s “aloha” in every sip.

Our Aloha Lager contains less than 20 parts per million gluten (20ppm).

Food pairing: Lunch, fish, white meat and light dishes. 

Top fermented 4.6 % vol.
Serving temperature 7° C
IBU ~ 23

”Our second gluten-free beer in our beer selection”