by Svaneke Bryghus

Brewed by hand, unfiltered and unpasteurized

With INSTINCT by Svaneke Bryghus, we return to our copper kettles on Svaneke main square, where our first beers were brewed during Easter of 2000. The restaurant is the master brewer's creative playground, where he can develop unique beer on a much smaller scale (1000L) than what is bottled in our professional brewery on the outskirts of Svaneke. INSTINCT by Svaneke Bryghus is bottled by hand in approximately 45 kegs, which are numbered. INSTINCT is always brewed by hand, unfiltered, unpasteurized and bottled manually in Svaneke.

Taste INSTINCT by Svaneke Bryghus

INSTINCT consists of a limited brewing in small batches and is only served in our restaurant in Svaneke main square on Bornholm, as well as at selected beer bars in Copenhagen, such as Stauan - Bornholmerstuen i København. Please note that these limited edition brews tend to sell out quickly. 

Jan Paul

Brew master

”When I brew at Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant, it is precisely with the notion to create a contrast to all the nerdery at the current brewery, where I have all the technical gear at my disposal. At the small plant on Svaneke main square, I test whether my intuitive "touch" for beer is still in good working order. The comparison is probably along the lines of freestyle cooking in one's own kitchen, without a recipe and with only the ingredients and spices you happen to have at hand. The quintessence of my beer is time and balance. Aside from that I have no firm guidelines - there is no 'this is how it's done' nor a particular style of beer. I let myself be guided by experience and insight.”

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Limited edition brews in small batches and could therefore be sold out.


An Imperial Stout with a solid and dark malt base and a good amount of hops. Smoke malt and rye malt gives the beer a distinctive character. A characteristic taste of English liqorice, tar and alcohol balanced with a distinctive and minty hop bitterness.

Brewed in 2019. 

Top fermented. 9.6% vol.